5 Days/4 Nights - January 23rd to 27th

5 Days/4 Nights - January 23rd to 27th

5 Days/4 Nights - January 23rd to 27th5 Days/4 Nights - January 23rd to 27th

ITC 2020 Tucson Training Camp

Our January 2020 Tucson training camp details are all available below. Or you can register now! We look forward to doing some desert riding with you.


Overview of What to Expect

 Fully Supported Rides: 

  • Varied routes, support vehicle, water, snacks, mechanic support
  • Ride Start and End options and accommodations as needed

Daily shorter and longer route options. 

  • Shorter route for average ride speeds of ~15 mph 
  • Longer route average speeds of 18+ mph

On and off-bike coaching by certified coaches: 

  • Climbing and descending
  • Cornering and bike handling 
  • Riding on different road conditions
  • Group riding skills and pacelines

Daily coaching talks at our Team House: 

  • Training and Periodization
  • Strength Training for Cyclists
  • Nutrition for Cyclists
  • Group Riding and Pacelines

Included Meals: 

  • 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 family-style dinners

Mechanic Support:

  • Professional level mechanics for any issues with the bikes and equipment. 
  • We will have a limited inventory of spare parts, so if you have special parts on your bike please plan accordingly. 

Considerations for Planning:

  • Expect between 275 & 350 miles of total riding options. 
  • Estimated 15,000+ feet of total elevation gain for the full distances.
  • Please bring necessary spare parts, tools, and/or accessories specific to your bike.
  • Plan on carrying all your own flat fixing or minor on-road repair supplies. 
  • There will be a support vehicle shadowing the rides as available. 
  • If you have specific or specialized nutrition and/or hydration needs please come prepared for those needs.
  • The Tucson roads can be rough in places. It is recommended to have strong tires (Gatorskins or Rubinos are great) and some kind of flat protection like Stan's sealant (It works in tubes as well as in tubeless set ups).
  • The packing list also mentions Derailluer Hangers but it's worth saying here too. If you don't already own a spare for your bike, it's worth every penny.
  • Team House is near La Canada Dr. and Ina Rd if you are looking for alternate housing accommodations. 

Schedule at a Glance

 Thursday, Jan. 23rd

  • Athletes arrive 
  • Bike building & shakedowns
  • Shorter afternoon ride
  • Dinner at the team house
  • Climbing & Descending Coach Talk

Friday, Jan. 24th

  • Long ride - Catalina Foothills and Mt. Lemmon
  • Dinner at the team house
  • Group Riding & Paceline Coach Talk

Saturday, Jan. 25th

  • Long ride - Saguaro National Park & Gates Pass 
  • Dinner at the team house
  • Nutrition & Hydration Coach Talk

Sunday, Jan. 26th

  • Longest ride day - Madera Canyon Loop
  • Dinner at a local restaurant
  • What & Why of Periodization Coach Talk

Monday, Jan. 27th

  • Shorter morning ride
  • Afternoon packing/travel prep
  • Evening campers depart

Camp Costs and Options


 5 days/rides, 4 nights camp base price

  • $1,099.00

Accommodations at our team house:

  • Master bedrooms SOLD OUT
  • Queen room with shared bath  +$349 for 4 nights ONE REMAINING!

Alternate accommodations: 

  • Local hotels (meals still included for this option)
  •  Team House is near La Canada Dr. and Ina Rd if you are looking for alternate housing accommodations. 

Optional add-on services (limited availability):

  • Pro Bike Fit with coaches Drew or Michael +$250.00 
  • Round-trip bike transport, Denver/Tucson inside our van +$150.00
  • Physical therapy session with Coach Ashley +$85.00 per session
  • Sports Massage by Symmetry: 60 minutes (tentative) +$85.00 per session

Total package discount rate

  • With Team House $1749
  • Without Team House $1499
  • Includes all of the above 

Daily Ride Routes and Details

Important Note

All the routes are designed to be ridden either In-Full or In-Part. Which is to say, please don't get psyched out when you see the total mileage or elevation. We have prioritized our planning around a wide range of abilities and fitness levels and have taken this into account for everyone! There has also been consideration taken into creating Loops rather than Out-And-Back routes, so you should enjoy new sights and experiences throughout the trip. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out; studio@inspiredtrainingcenter.com

Day 1 - Athlete Arrival & Tour of Downtown Tucson Loop

There is virtually no better way to get to know and see a place than by bike. And see Tucson we will! This first ride will head south from the house along the Santa Cruz River and do a sightseeing loop through downtown Tucson, heading back along the Rillito River.

  • 30-35 miles
  • 2-3 hours
  • Multiple Stops/Breaks

Day 2 - Catalina Foothills and Mt. Lemmon Loop

Skirting the south side of the Santa Catalina mountains, we ride east to the foot of Mt. Lemmon. The ride predicts making it to "Windy Point" on the climb up but weather and time permitting, some riders may choose to continue further. But remember, what goes up, must come down!

  • 45-70 miles
  • 3-5 hours
  • 3 planned Fueling/Aid Stops

Day 3 - Saguaro National Park & Gates Pass - Plus BONUS

Heading through the North, West, and South ends of the Saguaro National Park before climbing the short but steep Gates pass on the way back into town. The BONUS includes a loop through Oro Valley and Catalina State Park.

  • 40-55 miles (85 for BONUS
  • 3-4.5 hours (5.5 for BONUS)
  • 3 planned Fueling/Aid Stops

Day 4 - Madera Canyon Loop - Longest Ride Day!

Heading straight south from Tucson, this ride mirrors the famous "Shootout" group-ride route. Athletes looking to go the full distance will need to have all their physical and mental fortitude at the ready. But as always, there are multiple options for shortening the ride!

  • 80-120 miles
  • 5-8 hours
  • 6 planned Fueling/Aid Stops

Day 5 - Dove Canyon Loop & Athlete Departure

The final ride of the training camp will happen first thing, with the intention of having athletes back before the lunch hour. This will allow for any bike packing, accommodation check-out, and travel logistics to get sorted before everyone's departure.

  • 30-45 miles
  • 2-3 hours
  • 2 planned Fueling/Aid Stops

When planning for travel in general and for active trips like this, travel insurance can be a good idea. Here is a good resource for more information on travel insurance.