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Inspired Training Center is an indoor cycling studio for people of all levels of interest and ability, all you need is a bike. The center is owned locally by certified coaches of cycling and multisport who are also the staff of coaches who lead classes at the studio. Inspired Training Center is equipped with 16 CompuTrainers and operates its classes using the industry leading PerfPro software. All our training sessions are specifically targeted to a person's unique level of fitness and training. Therefore each and every person that comes to ride in the studio gets a custom fit workout, no matter the different levels of ability within the class. 


What You Need To Know

Visits to the studio ride sessions begin with riders bringing their own bicycles, shoes, and riding attire. After arriving at the studio, athletes are invited in to prepare for the workout while the coaches set up their bicycles on the CompuTrainers. The workouts are built by the coaches according to the daily and weekly studio schedule and general training period. Throughout the ride, the staff attends to riders’ needs such as refilling water bottles. Riders at Inspired Training Center are encouraged to come with questions and comments about riding and racing a bicycle, our Coaches love to talk shop!

IMPORTANT!   If your bike's rear wheel is attached with a thru-axle (disc brake) rather than a skewer (rim brakes), you will need to bring an adapter. Please call if you're not sure. We can order you an adapter. 


Our Studio, Your Rides

Here at ITC, we know you have your own goals and priorities on the bike and we can help get you there.  All rides can be personalized for your training objectives.  We are happy to help guide athletes who are younger and older, smaller and taller, and everything in between. We look forward to having you join our community of riders from all walks of life!