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For most riders, their bicycles come from a reputable shop who help find the correct size bike. However, "Sizing" and "Fitting" are as different as shopping for a size of clothing versus getting a custom tailored outfit. Our Full Fitting Services provides a comprehensive look at all aspects of the rider and bicycle interface. It is the goal of our fitters, Drew & Michael, to create the best possible interface of the equipment to the rider, in that order. A well fit bicycle should match the anatomy, strength, flexibility, and priorities of the rider, not the other way around. Our fits are performed with this ethos in mind.

An Inspired Training Center fit is based around our own experiences throughout all disciplines of cycling and through the coaching of all levels of athletes. This means that our bike fits go far beyond just setting your seat height. We want you to leave your fit with confidence and knowledge around any changes made on the bike. This idea means that an ITC bike fit can improve your understanding behind a given position on the bike and why this can benefit you as a rider when out on the open road (or trail).

The Full Service Fitting takes a feet first approach based on the methods of BikeFit Pro. This means that a high priority is set for the one place that riders are "locked" on to their bicycles (cleat float not withstanding). For the feet we are looking at Cleat Fore/Aft, Stance Width, Foot Tilt, & Rotational Alignment. Only then do we approach the interface with saddle and the cockpit of the bicycle. After all aspects of the bicycle and rider interface are addressed and the athletes are sent out the door, riders are open to utilize our 30 day adjustment period as a guarantee of our process.

We very much look forward to having you in for a fit. Bring your Bike, Shoes, Kit (riding apparel), and Helmet (especially for aero TT/Tri fits)... And please bring any questions you have about the fitting or the sport in general! 

Pricing & Services

Full Fitting Service

Any Bicycle - Road, Gravel, TT, Track, Mountain, Cyclocross, Triathlon

2.5 - 3 hour Appointment


Full Fitting - Additional Bike

Add 1-1.5 hours to Appointment

(Can be scheduled for 2nd visit at time of original appointment)


Bike Sizing & Purchase Recommendation

$80 per Hour (min 1 hour)

Shoe & Cleat Fitting 

(Bike still needed for float assessment)

$80 per Hour (min 1 hour)

*Prices do not include potential new or additional equipment purchases (handlebars, stem, cleats, etc).

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By Appointment

We have two bicycle fitters, Drew & Michael, who are also cycling Coaches, Officials, Riders, and Husbands... Which means that our fit studio scheduling is by appointment only. We will do our best to find a time as soon and convenient as possible.